Maximilian Deitermann, Managing Principal of Cazza Development has a rich background in residential development and extensive renovations reaching across the globe, a passion that developed from his early career in hotel management with some of the most elite hotel companies in the world such as Ritz Carlton, Morgans Hotel Group and W Hotels. This close devotion to luxury guests and celebrity clientele along with his admiration for each building's signature style, impressive entrances, inspirational interiors and enviable amenities created a necessity to develop homes that you'd never want to leave. 

"I believe that a home should have a sense of arrival. Sight, smell, touch, hearing, all these senses should be engaged when walking into a home." (M.Deitermann) 

 "Designing a home is like writing a book, it should have a beginning, a middle and an end." (M.Deitermann) 


Yanery Deitermann, Operations Manager for Cazza Development. At the forefront of her success is an uncompromising foundation for both stylish and functional design, strengthened by an Interior Design education and growing field experience that includes many years of Luxury Residential Sales and Rentals, Project Coordination, Construction Management, Trade Aquisitions, Design and Home Staging.

"Statiscally speaking, people care more about their homes than ever before. Home renovations are at an all time high. It mostly comes down to people wanting to really personalize and connect with a space and I love making that transformation possible." (Y.Deitermann)

"As a realtor, I'm familiar with modern-day consumer expectations and I know first-hand the appeal and advantage a turn-key New Construction or properly Renovated home has in the market." (Y.Deitermann)